Welcome at Indie Gameleon 2014.

We are an underground festival for Indie Game Developers, partly organised by Indie Game Developers.

Every year, we get together, exchange development knowledge, show off our latest games, and to top it off, we finish it all with one awesome 48 Hour Game Jam.

This year, we will feature a 4-day program, making the festival twice as big, from May 1st, up to, and including May 4th (Queue Star Wars Pun). But not only have we grown, we have switched from Dutch to English, because too many of our international brethren hollered that they would like to have come if only we'd do the festival and program in English.

So there! You've done it now!

This year, I kid you not, the Conference, The lectures, The Workshops, All Tweets and All Facebook posts will be in English, with the occasional Dunglish mistakes (which proves that we are still based in the Netherlands ;)

See you all on May 1st or be square forever (cue pixel joke)!